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Benefits of Joining Our Brokerage:
  • Growing
  • Competitive Commission Splits
  • Buyer and Seller Leads
  • Dedicated Back Office Staff
  • Real Estate Supplies Provided
  • No National Franchise Fees

The Best Value for the Business Minded Realtor

As a member of Yates Estates you can be assured of a fulfilling Full Time Real Estate Career. Our Brokerage has access to vast amounts of Buyer and Seller leads due to the Yates Estates footprint throughout Atlanta. Yates Estates is looking for diversity in their Agents knowing that all people bring unique qualities that are special. Yates Estates will coach Agents to create a mission, pave a plan and train to achieve these goals through commitment to clients, market, and community. So if you are an Agent with goals in mind and open to joining a new Brokerage, contacts us here via the web or at 877-393-0024. Yates Estates would be honored to have the opportunity to add more Talented Agents to our successful Atlanta Brokerage.

Agents- Some Things to Think About:

  • How many leads do you get a day, week, month?
  • How much do you spend on leads?
  • How much training do you get to reach your goals?
  • How much do you spend to run your real estate business monthly?
  • How comfortable are you with listing presentations?
  • How much time do you “waste” in the office supporting your business?
  • Do you or your Brokerage have name recognition in your area?
  • How much is your split REALLY with your Brokerage when you have a closing?
  • Do you use a professional photographer?
  • Do you make the money a year that you are worth?

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